What’s a blog good for anyway?

Getting solid research out to the masses. Starting a conversation. Critically thinking about an important topic in a public forum. Being cool and hip-with-what-the-kids-are-doing-these-days.

These are just some of the reasons, among others, that we at the University of Florida’s Religion Department (#UFreligion) are launching our brand new RELIGION+CULTURE blog.

While blogs may not be on the same level as academic peer-reviewed publications (and rightly so) the RELIGION+CULTURE blog is designed to showcase the high-quality and critical work that its undergrads, grad students, and faculty are doing.

As part of this effort we are posting Faculty Profiles, Department News, original blog essays from faculty, Alumni Profiles, Conference/Seminar recaps, and more. But we need more help.

We are seeking blog submissions from our students. Maybe you wrote a killer paper for one of your REL classes, one that showcases the well-reasoned and written work that #UFreligion is all about. Perhaps you presented a paper at a seminar, workshop, or conference and have no plans to publish it. Or it could be that you really want to talk about a hot topic and religion and a blog is the perfect medium in which to do so. If that’s the case, then #UFreligion’s RELIGION+CULTURE blog is the place to get published.

This is our official “Call for Blogs” (CFB). If you’re an undergraduate or grad student at UF, or were one in the past, we are calling for you to submit your blogs to us. All you have to do is send your original ideas or content to our Blog Editor and Digital Media staff person Ken Chitwood ( Submissions of content should include relevant hyperlinks, images, and citations (as necessary, although they should be avoided) and be anywhere from 600-1200 words long. Any other questions, contact Ken.

We look forward to reading your blogs and featuring your work on our RELIGION+CULTURE site.