Graduate Program Expanded: Global Islam, Buddhist & Hindu Traditions Added

In the fall of 2017 the department will inaugurate a newly revised and expanded graduate program. While always intended to prepare students for careers both in and outside academia, our program now is more explicitly designed to prepare students not only for academia but also for emerging careers in public service, non-governmental organizations, and various forms of advocacy work.

At the same time, while our established cutting-edge areas of study in Religion and Nature and Religion in the Americas continue to prosper we  are now expanding to include exciting new departures in Buddhist Traditions, Global Islam, and Hindu Traditions. Taken together, this first substantial revision of our graduate program since its beginning in 2003 is intended to even more effectively prepare graduate students to contribute to the twenty-first century needs of our changing world order.​

For more information about the specific tracks and the courses offered to graduate students, VISIT OUR GRADUATE STUDIES PAGE.