Religion in the News Recap – 2017

This week’s Religion in the News not only looks back on the week that was in “religion news,” but also to the entire year. Recently, religion reporters voted on the Top Religion News Stories of 2017. Many of these stories were featured in our Religion in the News feature posted each Friday on UF Religion’s RELIGION + CULTURE blog.

The Religion News Association reports:

Conservative evangelicals’ support of and strong representation in President Trump’s administration was voted the No. 1 religion story of 2017 in the Religion News Association’s annual Top 10 Religion Stories of the Year Poll.

Perhaps surprising. Perhaps not. As any student who has taken our American Religious History course (REL 2121) knows, white evangelicals have long played a pivotal role in American politics. So, on the one hand, this may not be considered a “resurgence,” but a continuance of their long-term influence in the public sphere. On the other hand, there was a sense — among academics, journalists, & the wider public — that white evangelicals were fading as principal players in politics. Thus, their „resurgence“ has caught our attention & captivated the nation with its potency. Time will tell if this is white evangelicalism‘s last, gutsy grasp or a sign of a renewed vigor and their continued relevance in the realm of politics and culture.

Beyond white evangelicals and Donald Trump, other major news items included religion and white supremacy, the travel ban that largely focused on Muslim-majority countries, the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the flight of the Rohingya in Myanmar. Another top religion newsmaker this year was Martin Luther. Be sure to read the ENTIRE TOP 10 LIST and learn more about the top religion news, and newsmakers, of the year…some of them might surprise you.

Also, check out some BIG news from the last week:

**FYI, this is our last regular post until 2018. Don’t fear, Religion in the News will return on January 12th!