Last Call for Religion News?

Is religion news crumbling before our eyes? Is religion fading away with the modern age? When will the next “Religion in the News” post arrive at my digital doorstep?

These are all good questions. The answers are no, no, and when the 2018-2019 UF Academic Year starts up again the week of 20 August.

Seriously though, there are people out there who would have you believe that religious adherence is slipping away, that religion will no longer be news in the not-so-distant future, or that religion news itself is under attack. While our lead story in this week’s collection talks about “religion fading” it might be more helpful to think about religion “shifting.” Religious agents and agencies change, adapt, and shift over time. What is fascinating is to watch it happen.

This week’s religion news gives us a glimpse of the many transformations religion is undergoing: