Completed Ph.D. Dissertation Topics

The Influence of Sacred Stories and Sacred Role Models on the Gender Role Construction of First and Second Generation Indian Hindu Women in the United States

Diane Lillesand – 2017

With Child: Pregnancy and the Balance of Autonomy and Dependence

Amy Brown – 2015

Huaigan and the Growth of Pure Land Buddhism During the Tang Era

Kendall R. Marchman – 2015

The Vat Sithor Inscription: Translation, Commentary, and Reflections on Buddhist Traditions in Tenth-Century Cambodia

Phillip Green – 2014

The Goddess and the King: Camundesvari and the Fashioning of the Wodeyar Court of Mysore

Caleb Simmons – 2014

An Inconvenient Faith? Conservative Christianity, Climate Change, and the End of the World

Robin Globus Veldman – 2014

Building the Latter-day Kingdom in the Americas: The Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission

Gayle Lasater Pagnoni – 2013

Religion, Ethics, Nature in Secondary School Education: Exploring Religion’s Role in Sustainability Trends

Bridgette O’Brien McGoldrick  – 2013

Contested Combinations: Evangelical, Pentecostal and Catholic Convergence among Latin Americans and U.S. Latinos in the Anglican Communion

Sean O’Neil – 2012

From Values to Practice: Sustainable Agriculture and the Return of Place in North American Religious Agrarianism

Todd LeVasseur – 2011

Hijra and Homegrown Agriculture: Farming among American Muslim Communities

Eleanor Finnegan – 2011

Mary Midgley and the Mixed Community in Environmental Ethics and Religious Studies

Gregory McElwain – 2011

The Faith to Save Mountains: Religion and Resistance to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia

Joseph Witt – 2011

Women in Gray Robes: Continuity in the Traditional and Contemporary Religious Identity of Korean Buddhist Nuns

Chungwhan Sung – 2011

Tangible Hope: Cuban Protestantism in the post-Soviet Era

Rose Caraway – 2011

The God without Borders and the Mexican Dream: Religion, Space, and Migration in El Alberto, Hidalgo 

Leah Sarat – 2010

Translating, Practicing and Commodifying Yoga in the U.S. 

Shreena Gandhi – 2009

The Religious Dimensions of Sustainability 

Lucas Johnston – 2009

From Krishna Cult to American Church: The Dialectical Quest for Spiritual Dwelling in the Modern Krishna Movement in the West 

Michael Gressett – 2009

Casting for Conservation: Religion, Popular Culture, and the Politics of River Restoration 

Samuel Snyder – 2008

Howling about the Land: Religion, Social Space, and Wolf Reintroduction in the Southwestern United States 

Gavin Van Horn – 2008