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Erin Prophet, Visiting Assistant Professor

130 Anderson Hall

Religion and Medicine, Cults and New Religious Movements, Religion and Nature

Erin Prophet is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion, University of Florida. She received a PhD in religion, with a specialization in Western esoteric traditions, from Rice University, Houston, Texas (2018). She earned a master’s degree in public health with an epidemiology concentration from Boston University (2014). She focuses on the relationship between religion and medicine. Her dissertation focuses on nineteenth-century religious responses to Darwin. She is the co-lead author on a paper about long-term survival in lung cancer, which was published in 2018 by JNCI Cancer Spectrum. She also studies cults and new religious movements and contributes to the University of Florida’s program in Religion and Nature.

She teaches Spirituality and Health Care, Cults and New Religious Movements, Environmental Ethics, Religion and Nature in North America, and Religion and the Paranormal.


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For more information, see Erin Prophet’s web page.