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Completed Ph.D. Dissertation Topics

Rejecting the Eagle, Embracing the Condor: Spirituality and Lifestyle Migration among North Americans in Cuzco, Peru

Kerry Blumenthal – 2020

The Making of a Modern Scripture: Swamini Vato and the Formation of Religious Subjectivities in Gujarat

Bhakti Mamtora – 2019

Los Musulmanes Boricuas: Puerto Rican Muslims and the Idea of Cosmopolitanism

Ken Chitwood – 2019

Cultural Fusion in a Religious Dance Drama: Building the Sacred Body in the Manipuri Raslilas

Rodney Sebastian  – 2019

Mazu Worship in Late Imperial China: Gender, Politics, Religion, and Identity Construction

Yanchao Zhang – 2018

The Cosmopolitanization of the Luz del Mundo

Mary Puckett – 2017

Acquired Tastes: Virtue, Community, and Eating Ethically

Christopher Fouche – 2017

The Worship of Medicine Master Buddha in Medieval China

Yujing Chen – 2017

A ‘Circle in a Rectangle’: Native Evangelicals, Trans-Indigenous Networks, and The Negotiation between Legitimation and Evasion

Jason Purvis – 2017

The Influence of Sacred Stories and Sacred Role Models on the Gender Role Construction of First and Second Generation Indian Hindu Women in the United States

Diane Lillesand – 2017

With Child: Pregnancy and the Balance of Autonomy and Dependence

Amy Brown – 2015

Huaigan and the Growth of Pure Land Buddhism During the Tang Era

Kendall R. Marchman – 2015

Caring for the Land: An Analysis of North American Mennonite Environmental Initiatives

Sarah Werner – 2015

The Vat Sithor Inscription: Translation, Commentary, and Reflections on Buddhist Traditions in Tenth-Century Cambodia

Phillip Green – 2014

The Goddess and the King: Camundesvari and the Fashioning of the Wodeyar Court of Mysore

Caleb Simmons – 2014

An Inconvenient Faith? Conservative Christianity, Climate Change, and the End of the World

Robin Globus Veldman – 2014

Building the Latter-day Kingdom in the Americas: The Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission

Gayle Lasater Pagnoni – 2013

Religion, Ethics, Nature in Secondary School Education: Exploring Religion’s Role in Sustainability Trends

Bridgette O’Brien McGoldrick  – 2013

Contested Combinations: Evangelical, Pentecostal and Catholic Convergence among Latin Americans and U.S. Latinos in the Anglican Communion

Sean O’Neil – 2012

From Values to Practice: Sustainable Agriculture and the Return of Place in North American Religious Agrarianism

Todd LeVasseur – 2011

Hijra and Homegrown Agriculture: Farming among American Muslim Communities

Eleanor Finnegan – 2011

Mary Midgley and the Mixed Community in Environmental Ethics and Religious Studies

Gregory McElwain – 2011

The Faith to Save Mountains: Religion and Resistance to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia

Joseph Witt – 2011

Women in Gray Robes: Continuity in the Traditional and Contemporary Religious Identity of Korean Buddhist Nuns

Chungwhan Sung – 2011

Tangible Hope: Cuban Protestantism in the post-Soviet Era

Rose Caraway – 2011

The God without Borders and the Mexican Dream: Religion, Space, and Migration in El Alberto, Hidalgo

Leah Sarat – 2010

Translating, Practicing and Commodifying Yoga in the U.S.

Shreena Gandhi – 2009

The Religious Dimensions of Sustainability

Lucas Johnston – 2009

From Krishna Cult to American Church: The Dialectical Quest for Spiritual Dwelling in the Modern Krishna Movement in the West

Michael Gressett – 2009

Casting for Conservation: Religion, Popular Culture, and the Politics of River Restoration

Samuel Snyder – 2008

Howling about the Land: Religion, Social Space, and Wolf Reintroduction in the Southwestern United States

Gavin Van Horn – 2008