Credits: 15, completed with minimum grades of C and no S-U

This minor, housed in the Department of Religion, focuses on North or South America with additional interdisciplinary focus in anthropology, art history, history, literature and religion.

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

Prerequisite Courses

AMH 3660 Native American History to 1815
AMH 3661 Native American History Since 1806
REL 2388/ANT 3930 Indigenous religious traditions of the Americas

Electives: take 6 credits

AMH 3444 The Far West (prerequisite: 3 credits history)
AMH 3569 Women in the American West (prerequisite: 3 credits history)
AMH 4111 New World Encounters (prerequisite: 6 credits history)
AML 3285 American Indian Literature
ANT 3162 Aztec Civilization
ANT 3164 The Inca and Their Ancestors
ANT 3164 The Inca and Their Ancestors
ANT 4392 Peoples of the Arctic (prerequisite: ANT 2410)
ARH 3605 American Indian Art
ARH 3605 American Indian Art
REL 2388 Native American Religions

Additional Information

The election of a minor area of study is noted on a student’s transcript, but it is not reflected on the diploma.

Those wanting to minor in AIIS must consult with the AIIS Advisor, Dr. Robin Wright.

Students should consult the University of Florida online catalog for important undergraduate information.