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edelmannJonathan Edelmann
Ph.D. (D.Phil.) Oxford University
Hinduism, Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy, Science and Religion, Gaudiya Vaisnavism
gordanRachel Gordan
Ph.D. Harvard University
Judaism, post-WWII American religion, Jewish women’s history, American Jews and middlebrow culture, American Jewish literary history
hackettDavid G. Hackett
Ph.D. Emory University
North American Religious History, Sociology of Religion
robertRobert S. Kawashima
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Hebrew Bible, Comparative Literature, Ancient Mediterranean Religions
mianAli Altaf Mian
Ph.D. Duke University
Islam in South Asia, Sufism,
Islamic law and ethics,
method and theory in the
study of religion, gender, and sexuality in contemporary Islam, religion and colonialism, and psychoanalysis
mullerJames R. Mueller
Ph.D. Duke University
Biblical Studies, Early Judaism, Early Christianity
naraVasudha Narayanan
Graduate Coordinator
Ph.D. University of Bombay
Hinduism in India & the Diaspora
terjeTerje Østebø
Chair of the Department
Ph.D. Stockholm University
Islam in Africa, Contemporary Islamic Reform, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa
naraAnna L. Peterson
Undergraduate Coordinator
Ph.D. University of Chicago
Social Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Religion & Politics in Latin America
marioMario Poceski
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
Buddhist Studies, Chinese Religions
erin Erin Prophet
Ph.D. Rice University
Religion, Nature and Health
benBenjamin Soares
Ph.D. Northwestern University
Islam and Muslim societies, religion & politics, religion & media, religious encounters, Africa and the Diaspora
taylorBron Taylor
Ph.D. University of Southern California
Religion & Nature, Environmental & Social Ethics, Environmental Movements & Politics
wrightRobin M. Wright
Ph.D. Stanford University
Indigenous Religious Traditions, Anthropology of Religion, Myth, Symbol & Ritual